Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year & A Freebie

I just wanted to wish You all a Happy New Year.
I hope Your Holiday goes safe and well and
that this next year is even better
than the last.

I have also made a small grab bag for
You all but I am not showing You
what's inside. You will just have to
download and see. I will tell You this
much though it is in time for New Year's.
You can get this here.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dreamer QP Freebie

I have another QP for You tonight from Bonnie's
Remember kit. I hope You like it. You
can find other great products like these on her
blog over at Cancer Moon Creations.

You may find the freebie here.

Remember QP Freebie

I have made a new QP freebie for You all from
Bonnie of Cancer Moon Creations once
again. This is a gorgeous kit and I hope that You
take the time out to look at all Her other
awesome products that YOU could be making.

And now for Your freebie. You can find it here.
Remember all My things are Personal
Use ONLY unless otherwise specified.

A Wreath I made

I used a small kit that Bonnie from
and made this wreath.

You can find this and many other
of Her products on Her blog
and Stores.

Lisa's having a huge New Year's Sale

Lisa is having a huge blowout sale just in time for New
Year's at all her stores and You can find them at:

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A tag using My PTU kit

Carolyn known as Sassy on Her Tutorial blog made
this wonderful tag from My contribution we did for
Lisa shortly after her treasured father and uncle died
of cancer. Her father had gone into remission and had
some complications so the family decided to let the
suffering end and let Him live in peace.

My reason for making the kit might have been a
selfish reason or maybe not, but I wished to give
back to somebody who's pain I knew so well as I
lost My dad in June 08 to emphysema. After We
lost him we didn't get the choice of burial or cremation
to whereas Lisa had this choice and I just wanted to
show Her that We cared and She had friends there to
help Her through such a trying time especially when
Her Uncle followed suit and this was Her Father's
Brother so I can't fathom the pain Her family had to
go through when They died in the same week or so.

You can find the collaboration of 19 designers at Scraps
With Attitude until the 1st and then it will be going off
sale forever. This collaboration has so many fun things
to use from personal use to commercial use items. I do
hope You will take the time out to purchase it and help
this family in such troubled times with how the economy
has been and how harsh it's been to all of Us.

I also want to thank Sassy from the bottom of My heart
for making a tag for Me as I've been sick and things off and
on the past few months. Thank You Carolyn -hugs and kisses-.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kissy Christmas Freebie

I have made a freebie from the same kit as below.
I hope You like it. You can find it on My 4 shared.
Please remember everything I make is for Personal
Use ONLY unless I say otherwise. I hope You find
a use for this.

Kissy Christmas

I made a tag for Lisa from Aleah'sMommy. The kit
I used is called Kissy Christmas by the wonderful
designer Amy. You can find this kit as Scraps W/

Monday, December 21, 2009

Going Green

I made a Quick Page using a kit that Sarah just made
and now has up in the store at Pimp My Tags W/

Happy Holidays Quick Page

I made a Quick Page for a very dear friend named
Natasha from Tantalizing Designz with a couple of
tubes made from Her scripts. I Hope You like it.
I also made a freebie for You all on My 4 shared.
This is for personal use only and You may add
Your own main image if You wish. I hope You all
like it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

New Quick Pages By Lisa

The following Quick Pages were Made by
Lisa over at AleahsMommy's blog. I used
a picture of My 3 oldest cousins that was taken
right before Thanksgiving.
Both of these are freebies that You can download
from Her blog.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Victorian Christmas Scrap Kit

Bonnie from Cancer Moon Creations has made the
perfect Christmas gift that anybody would love.
It is 2 kits in one for a very very low price.

You can get this awesome kit from Bouquet of

Tagging Angels N Scraps Is Having A Sale!!!!!

is having a huge sale on all of Her
products so do go take a look it's
worth the look!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas Scrap Kit

I have made a tag for Jaye a very close friend of
Mine who makes FTU kits. I hope You like
it and You'll go take a look at her things.
The kit is called Merry Christmas.
I have also made a freebie for You all that You
can add Your own name to if You wish. Remember
all My Tags, Quick Pages, and Layouts are for Personal
use ONLY. You can find the freebie here.

Christmas Dreams

I made a Quick Page for Aleah'sMommy
aka Lisa with Her scrap kit called Christmas
Dreams. I just loved this kit and there's so
much You can do with it. This is just one thing
out of probably hundreds of things You could do.
I used a picture that We took last year of the
snow out here.

Be You Collab

I used the awesome collaboration kit by Pimp My
Tags W/ Scraps called Be You. I did use a few
pictures of My youngest daughter Shelby when
she was much younger and so much more of
an 'angel' lol No really She's a great girl with a
ton of awesome qualities and I love her to death.

I made 3 tags out of this one collab and I am sure
I could of made many more if I chose so but time
was short for Me and kids needed fed and hubby
needed his game lol So I left at 3. I do hope You go
and check it out.

Traditional but Cute Scrap Kit

I used a Scrap Kit by Hippidaze called Traditional
but Cute Scrap kit. Click on the name to be taken
to the kit and Her other great products. I wasn't
sure about the tags but She loved them so I thought
I would show off the kits elements.

This kit in My opinion is another must have and
worth the buy. It has many many elements and
papers to work with. I just used a few compared to
what lies inside. So please go take a look at Her
other things.

Luv My Sista

I worked with a kit by Addicted 2 Scraps called
Lov My Sista. Just click on the title and You
can find it amongst her products.

I had a lot of fun playing with this kit and
I hope You go and check her stuff out. She
has a lot of talent to share with You all.

On My tut blog I put up the original tag and
wanted to offer You all a freebie without a main
tube so that You could add whatever You wished.
You can find it here. I hope somebody can find a
use for it.

I used a wonderful kit from Amy for this
gorgeous tag. The girl in this tag is My
youngest daughter Shelby's best friend and
that picture was taken right after our blizzard
and how that child stood out in the freezing cold
dressed that way I'll never know and had I known
I'd of kicked her behind LMAO

Anyhow the kit was called Frosty Love and You
can find it at Scraps With Attitude or click on
her name and go to her blog. She has some other
awesome things for You all so check them out.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tumbler Layout

I have decided to try to make a little som'm unique
and share it with You all. I found some templates
for those real life tumblers so many folks use.

So I used a kit from Bonnie from Cancer Moon
Creations and dabbled a bit with the template.
I hope some of You can find a use for it as I have
included a Freebie with this. And You can find it

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Kit

Hiya guys. I finally did a scrap kit challenge and
You all are welcome to download it. Misfits did a
train for Christmas and I thought I'd share
here on both of My blogs. You can download
it at the Misfits blog.

This kit is much better when peeking
inside and not just the preview. I am
still trying to learn how to do all the
previews and make em pretty LMAO